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Jonathan H. Marks
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Jonathan H. Marks

  • Associate Professor of Bioethics, Humanities and Law, Penn State
  • Director, Bioethics and Medical Humanities Program, University Park
  • ON LEAVE (2010-11): Edmond J. Safra Research Fellow, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University
133 Willard Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 865-5938


  1. M.A., B.C.L., University of Oxford
  2. (equivalent to J.D., LL.M.)


My research interests include the intersection of professional ethics and human rights, neuroethics (with a particular interest in the ethical implications of neuroscience in national security contexts), and the practical impact and ethical implications of industry funding on scientific research and professional practice--in particular, health-related food research and nutrition education and practice.  



Marks J.H., Thompson DB.  Shifting the Focus:  Conflicts of Interest and the Food Industry, American Journal of Bioethics (forthcoming, 2010)

Marks J.H. A Neuroskeptic's Guide to Neuroethics and National Security, American Journal of Bioethics: Neuroscience. 1(2): 4 - 12 (2010)

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Marks J.H. The Terrorist and the Doctor:  A Legal and Ethical Response.  American Journal of Bioethics.  9(10): 49 - 51 (2009).

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Marks JH, "Doctors as Pawns? Law and Medical Ethics at Guantanamo Bay," 37 Seton Hall Law Review 711 - 731 (2007)

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