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Guest Speaker Karl-Heinz Bomberg

The Science, Technology, and Society Program and the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literature welcomed guest speaker Karl-Heinz Bomberg of Berlin, Germany to Penn State University on October 12 and 13.

Dr. Bomberg wears a number of professional hats. As a physician and psychotherapist, he specializes in treating victims of political repression in former communist East Germany. He is also an East German and a singer-songwriter, whose music was deemed "subversive agitation" by the Stasi and led to his imprisonment for a time. He continues to practice psychotherapy and publish articles, while also performing throughout Europe.


Dr. Bomberg offered a workshop, “Invisible Wounds: What Have We Learned from Our Experiences,” in which he discussed his personal life and how it intersects with those of his patients.  He also gave a public presentation, lecturing on the psychotherapeutic treatment of political prisoners as well as singing from his repertoire of songs.


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